Our Mares

At Humphrey Quarter Horses we believe that a champion starts not just with a great sire but with a great dam.  Below is a list of some of the great mares we have put together.

Name Sire Dam Sex Notes
Mare Name  Sire Name  Dam Name  Mare   
06- Broodmares
Name Sire Dam Sex Notes
Freckled Whiz  Topsail Whiz  Dun Lost My Freckles  MareTopsai   
Billie Jean Dun It  Topsail Whiz  Chexy Dun It  Mare   
Crome Plated Lady  Custom Crome  Boogies Chexy Lady  Mare   
Hollywood Footprints  Hollywood Dun It  Great Footwork  Mare   
Mainly Jac  Hollywood Jac 86  Mainly Martha  Mare   
Marque De Noir  Smart Little Lena  Missy Dry  Mare   
Stars On The Waves  Tidal Wave Jac  Star CD  Mare   
Signing In The Rein  Master Snapper  Shiners Mistress PE 190000+  Mare   

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