2021 offspring 

Year BornPhotoVideoNameSireDamDOBSEX
2021Firing R ShotGuns R For ShootinSinging In The Rein01/01/21Colt
2021pendingSpooks Gotta WhizSmart Shiney Lena01/15/21Filly
2021onehundredtenpercentShine Chic ShineFreckled Whiz1/20/21Colt
2021Lex TalionisSpooks Gotta WhizSinging In The Rein2/22/21Filly
2021AttackinGuns R For ShootinSinging In The Rein3/31/21Colt
2021SurfingGuns R For ShootinHollywood Footprints3/06/21Filly
2021PendingGuns R For ShootinSmart Like TackieFilly
2021pendingGuns R For ShootinCustom Tabasco2/03/21Colt
2021Guns R For ShootinSmart Shiney Lena4/16/21Filly
2021PaintballGuns R For ShootinSmart Shiney Lena2/27/21Colt
2021PendingShine Chic ShineTC West Coast Wendi2/03/21Colt
2021Shoot ThemGuns R For ShootinTC West Coast Wendi2/27/21Colt
2021Mash The GasGuns R For ShootinTC West Coast Wendi2/03/21Colt
2021Shot GunninGuns R For ShootinTC West Coast Wendi5/24/21Colt
2021R Hand GernadeGuns R For ShootinHollywood Footprints5/04/21Colt
2021Shoot BackGuns R For ShootinStars R For Shootin5/04/21Colt
2021Annie R You OkGuns R For ShootinBillie Jean Dun It4/01/21Filly
2021SuccessionsSpooks Gotta WhizHollywood Footprints4/03/21Colt
2021pendingSpooks Gotta WhizChics R For Shootin4/18/21Colt

2020 offspring

Year BornPhotoVideoNameSireDamDOBSEX
2020Bloods FlowinGuns R For ShootinCrome Plated Lady3/21/20Mare
2020Sharp ShootinGuns R For ShootinBillie Jean Dun IT2/02/20Colt
SOLDGotta BromanceSpooks Gotta WhizSinging In The Rein2/24/20Colt
SOLDBilliejeangottadunitSpooks Gotta WhizBillie Jean Dun It2/24/20Mare
SOLDR You ShootinGuns R For ShootinGuns Fancy Chex5/04/20Mare
2020Shootin MisslesGuns R For ShootinRevolutionary Jewels3/04/20Colt
SOLDEmpty The ClipGuns R For ShootinJacs Princess4/01/20Colt
2020Missiles R LaunchedGuns R For ShootinJacs Princess3/30/20Mare
SOLDShootin ShotgunsGuns R For ShootinJacs Princess3/05/20Mare
SOLDThe Ten PercentShine Chic ShineSinging In The Rein3/02/20Colt
2020Pistol WhippinGuns R For ShootinChex Drive01/14/20Colt
2020Ambush ShootinGuns R For ShootinChex Drive 02/05/20Filly
2020KickbackGuns R For ShootinWhiz A Pretty SpookColt
2020ParashootinGuns R For ShootinVintage GlamourFilly
SOLDBurnin A BridgeGuns R For ShootinVintage GlamourFilly
2020Time For A ReckoningGuns R For ShootinHollywood FootprintsColt
2020Shootin The WavesGuns R For ShootinStars On The WavesFilly
2020Shooting In The ReinGuns R For ShootinSinging In The ReinFilly
SOLDGuns R For HireGuns R For ShootinFreckled WhizFilly
2020Lockin N LoadinGuns R For ShootinFreckled WhizFilly
2020Point And ShootGuns R For ShootinTC West Coast WendiColt
2020Target PracticingGuns R For ShootinMy Hollywod GalFilly
2020Packin AutomaticsGuns R For ShootinMy Hollywood GalColt

2019 offspring

Year BornPhoto VideoNameSire DamDOBSex
2019Reining BulletsGuns R For ShootinSinging In The Rein2/11/2019Filly
2019Casualties Of WarGuns R For ShootinBillie Jean Dun It1/24/19Colt
2019Dont MissGuns R For ShootinFreckled Whiz2/10/19Filly
SOLDFatal ShootinGuns R For ShootinStars On The Waves3/02/19Filly
2019Shoot Me DownGuns R For ShootinHollywood Footprints3/09/19Filly
2019AssassinationGuns R For ShootinHollywood Footprints3/09/19Colt
2019Breezin The TowerGuns R For ShootinHollywood Footprints1/12/19Colt
2019There Will Be BloodGuns R For ShootinCrome Plated Lady3/20/19Filly
2019Truth HurtsGuns R For ShootinJacs PrincessColt
2019FortunefavorstheboldGuns R For ShootinVintage GlamourFilly
2019PendingGuns R For ShootinSparkling BellsFillly
2019R Guns Your KnifeGuns R For ShootinGuns Fancy ChexFilly

2018 Offspring

Year Born PhotoVideoNameSire DamDOBSex
2018ArevolutionhasbegunGuns R For ShootinRevolutionary Jewels1/18/18Colt
2018Revolutionary ShootinGuns R For ShootinRevolutionary Jewels
2018Mass DestructionGuns R For ShootinHollywood FootprintsColt
2018AcrimonyGuns R For ShootinFreckled Whiz3/15/18Mare
2018Dodgin BulletsGuns R For ShootinBillie Jean Dun It1/24/18Mare
2018Fourteen FortyGuns R For ShootinBella Della1/13/18Colt
2018Guns R For JacGuns R For ShootinMainly Jac5/05/19Colt

Show Horses

Year BornPhotoVideoNameSireDamLTESex
2016Chics R For ShootinGuns R For ShootinCommandersparkinchiclTE $40,000Mare
2017Shots R FiredGuns R For ShootinFreckled WhizLTE $13,800Gelding